Each of my woven tapestries consists of multiple photographs, taken from various vantage points, combined together through the process of hand weaving.  They're essentially collages that have been woven together instead of pasted.  I'm drawn to places that have been altered by humans, especially when they've been touched by time and weathered by the elements. I'm interested in bringing a sense of kineticism into each place.  For instance, "Back Story", is intended to depict downtown office buildings in a state of inhalation and exhalation.  "Listen" shows buildings dancing to unheard music.  Perspective distortions, such as keystoning, are taken advantage of to make the scene less linear and more fluid.  My goal is to create an image that draws the viewer in and around it...a little bit disorienting...a visual journey.
For the last several years I've been experimenting with layered spray paintings.  I've sprayed through fabric, lace, found objects and hand made weavings.  Recently, the paintings have taken on a more linear form.  They are, for me, a study in reclaiming joy in my life.  Having had a traumatic experience, I found that one of the casualties of that was the inability to fully experience joy.  I felt determined not to allow this to become my permanent state.  These paintings are about reconnecting to my true self through the simplicity of color, pattern, shape and texture, to that essential state of being.  For that I am eternally grateful.